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"As with everything in life, stay fresh."

AIRLY Flavors gives your recycled snus, nicotine pouches or CBD pouches a fresh smell and pleasant taste.

Our flavors come in small, practical spray bottles. There is always a micro bottle seamlessly attached inside the AIRLY box if you need to fill up for emergencies. How comfortable?

The liquid in AIRLY Flavors is scientifically produced, tested and quality assured to contain only approved ingredients that promote aroma, taste, disinfection and moisturizing ingredients for an optimal result.

Discover which flavors are right for you depending on the snus you use via our Flavor Guide or on the respective product page. 

Apply 2-3 quick sprays to the snus bags before closing the lid of your AIRLY Box, and enjoy. Since every individual is unique and preferences range among users, we always recommend that you try your way to the perfect mix of spray amount, flavor choice and treatment time.

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We always give you free express shipping within Sweden, flexible payment methods and we have a unique 30-day Money Back Guarantee so you can try AIRLY completely risk-free. Pretty nice, right?