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Snus, Environment, Nature & Wildlife

Thanks for visiting this page. Here you'll find collected research and studies on the impact of snus and other types of tobacco and nicotine product on the environment, cities, crops and wildlife. 50% of snus users don’t know that snus is a major environmental problem. Let's not build on that.

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  • 80%of all street garbage in Scandinavian big cities is tobacco such as snus pouches and cigarettes.
  • Snus consumption in Scandinavia causes between 16 million and 20 million kg of plastic boxes every year.
  • Both the boxes and the snus pouches cause serious damage to the environment and animals like fish and frogs.
  • It also contains cadmium which sterilizes fish and frogs.
  • 1.4 billion pouches are flushed down the toilet every year in Sweden only.
  • Swedish waterwork organizations and treatment plants are heavily raising this issue and lobbying to get resources fighting this.Every year, these plants handle 1 100 ton of snus.
  • Snus contains several heavy metals that go into fields and crops where food is grown.
  • And this is the food that we're supposed to eat later on.
  • According to information published by the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association on November 17, an amount equivalent to 1,100 tons of snus is thrown in the toilet bowl every year.
  • Snus principally contains water, flavoring substances, salt and plant material in the form of the tobacco plant, which is a member of the same botanical family as the potato plant. The material used for the actual pouch is the same as in teabags and is predominantly made up of cellulose fibers. It takes quite a long time for the pouch material to decompose, which is why it is important not to throw the used pouches in the compost or in the toilet, instead they should be thrown in the garbage.
  • Swedish Water & Wastewater Association also warned that cadmium from snus causes problems at the wastewater treatment plants. According to the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association’s own estimates, the overall content of cadmium emissions from snus in Sweden is approximately 455 grams. As a comparison, it can be noted that the cadmium content in 100 grams of fish and shellfish is equivalent to the content of just over 70 portion pouches.