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AIRLY is the answer to a lot of questions we had. How can we minimize the waste where a snus user regularly throws away 50-80% of the nicotine in every snus or CBD in any CBD pouch? If an average snus consumer spends around 15 000 SEK on snus every year, can we find a sustainable way to cut that cost in half? Can we at the same time offer a more cost effective way of cutting down on the nicotine intake without expensive products and supplements? Can we do something about the fact that 80% of big city litter and trash is from tobacco waste? Can we do something about the 1.4 billion snus pouches going down toilettes very year, causing sterility and diseases among fish, frogs and other animals? Can we use the popular method of UV-sanitization as its used to clinically clean water, food and other products? Can we build a product that solves all these questions and more Would people actually use this product? Our research clearly said: Yes. Yes, yes and yes.

AIRLY is a patented product solution designed in Sweden. It combines cutting-edge air- and sanitizing technology, minimalistic design and a creative range of flavors. The AIRLY Box is a small, handy device in which you simply put your used snus during 10-20 minutes in order to have it refreshed, dried, clinically sanitized and re flavored. The box has 360 degree UV sanitizing technology, which kills 99.9% of all bacteria in the box environment. The box also has an ultra-effect micro air fan that dries your snus pouch while it’s being sanitized. During the process of refreshment, the flavor spray makes sure that your snus gets a fresh and nice smell and flavor, as well as cleans the snus also within, as the flavor spray assimilates with the snus pouch.

Enjoy an almost-new snus within 20 minutes, and why not cut your snus spending in half. Great for you, your wallet and the environment.

It’s really simple. Neatly place your used pouches on the ribbed floor in the AIRLY Box. Add some sprays from your favorite AIRLY Flavors on top - how much is up to your taste. Close the lid and press the ON-button. You also get user instructions when you receive your product.

We never promise and not deliver. Honesty and transparency is key at AIRLY. Naturally, your snus will not be 100% as new from the factory – or from the convenience store’s fridge. However, we have done over 1 000 product- and user tests of the process, and we can proudly state a few promises:

Your recycled snus will be fresh and dry enough to use a second time.

Your recycled snus will smell and taste great.

Your recycled snus will not start dripping at the start of the second use.

There will be no bad smell during the recycling process, as with other solutions we have tried.

You will have a simple and quick experience.

Your snus will contain over 50-80% of the nicotine form the initial use – ready for a second one.

AIRLY works with all sorts of pouches. If you have a snus/pouch sort with a very distinct flavor, see our Flavor Guide to see which you should choose. Otherwise, COOL MINT works fine for most pouch types as your snus or pouch just gets a really fresh regeneration.

Of course we want to make your life as easy as possible. Normally, you fit 8-12 pouches in the AIRLY Box in one and the same recycling session. Just apply a little bit more spray so that it covers all pouches in there. Our aim is that you should be able to snus all day, get home, and re-use the whole extra lid in the AIRLY Box.

Depending on the snus you use, between 10-40 minutes. Of course, white snus dries a bit faster while classic “portionssnus” need a few more minutes to really feel recycled.

We recommend you trying out for yourself and see how much flavoring and how long drying time is best for you.

Not only taste or brand of snus impact the answer to this question, but also your snus patterns, for how long you keep the first snus in and how wet your pouches get.

Through a 3-part process backed by research and science, which also is the base for the Patent owned by AIRLY.

360° UV-C Sanitization Technology.

The AIRLY Box contains 4 UV-lights that kills 99.9999% of all germs, bacteria and viruses in the environment, meaning the pouches get sanitized on the surface from any bacteria they might have had after the first use. And since your mouth is an extremely clean place, you're very safe at this point.

Micro Fan.

The AIRLY Box also includes a micro fan that catalyzes the drying process so your pouches don't become stiff and boring. The ribbed floor creates a flow of air that touches every side of the pouch.

AIRLY Flavors.

This is the icing on the cake. Our lab-tested flavors that come in a range of options include water, aroma and Propylene Glycol that cleans the pouch from bacteria deeply and also adds an effect of softness and humidity to the treated pouches.

That's how we do it.

The AIRLY Box is easily charged with an included USB chord. Works with any outlet, PC or Mac as charging station. Easy as can be. The charging time is ca. 2 hours for a fully charged AIRLY which then has 2-3 days of stand-by battery time and 2-3 hours of effective working time in the tank.

The original AIRLY Box has around 2-3 hours of effective usage time which translates into 6-9 cleaning cycles. You can safely bring it with you to the day trip, the office, the airplane flight, the train or wherever you don’t want to run out of snus. In standby mode, AIRLY is good for 2-3 days.

The UV-sanitizing technology combined with our flavor spray that includes sanitizing ingredients make the cleanliness extremely high – upwards 99.9999% of bacteria killed.

The Flavor liquid contains a 100% healthy and safe mix of water, aroma (the flavor) and propylene glycol commonly used in disinfecting and humidifying consumer goods, groceries and snus.


Yes. We only want you to use AIRLY if you love it. Try it for 30 days. If you are unhappy, just message us at and we will take care of a 100% money back refund. Pretty fair, right?

You can easily buy the AIRLY boxes and flavors, as well as subscriptions (coming soon), here on the site. We are constantly adding resellers and other distributors, and will update with a list of these during 2021.

We offer FREE shipping within Sweden. For shipping rates to other countries, please visit the Checkout Page and choose your country. If you need assistance with an order, want to make a large order, have special requirements, or want to become a retailer, just drop us an email at

We offer a range of options including all common credit cards and Klarna.
Safe, smooth and convenient.


According to science, only 5-15% of the nicotine is actually absorbed when you use a snus the first time. A lot of the rest remains in the pouch. We usually say that you still have 50-80% or more of the total nicotine in the pouch after the first usage. So you can easily reuse and gain the nicotine benefits a second time.

This is very individual. Using AIRLY should always be seen as a trial-and-learn process based on you as an individual However, we have some basic calculations on the most common sorts of snus. Some examples below:

A General Portion Original Large weighs 1 gram and has a nicotine content of 0.85 percent. This means 8.5mg nicotine before use, and round 6.8mg nicotine remaining after first use.

A Göteborgs Rapé Portion White Mini weighs 0.5 grams and has a nicotine content of 0.80 percent. This means 0.4mg nicotine before use, and round 0.32mg nicotine remaining after first use.

A Catch Dry Licorice Portion White Mini weighs 0.3 grams and has a nicotine content of 1.5 percent. This means 0.45mg nicotine before use, and round 0.36mg nicotine remaining after first use.

Our tests show satisfying experience reusing the same snus with the AIRLY methods up to 2-3 times.

The trend of cutting down tobacco addiction is growing and growing. By using AIRLY, you can gradually cut down on the nicotine consumption as every re-used snus will have a gradually lower concentration of nicotine. This way, your path to less nicotine need can be supported by the AIRLY-method.


Read more about the world-leading, trusted technology of UV sanitization on our Technology Page.


We have a lot of interest from stores and retailers to get AIRLY. Please send an e-mail to and we'll respond within the day to initiate a potential partnership.