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Using Airly

Let's go through how to use it step by step.

  1. Place your unused snus in the smooth compartment of the base. For the snus you want to clean, use the compartment with a ribbed bottom.
  2. The ribbed bottom allows air to circulate and dry the snus from underneath when the fan is on. This helps keep your snus in optimal condition.
  3. To assemble the base and lid, connect the four magnets that securely hold them together. (You can easily wash the base with water as it does not contain any electronics.)
  4. The lid of AIRLY is equipped with a fan, siz UV LEDs, and a battery. The battery can be conveniently charged via USB-C. A charging cable is included with the purchase of AIRLY.
  5. Place your snus on the ribbed bottom of the base and close the lid. The magnets ensure that the lid stays securely in place. Now you're ready to start a cleaning cycle.
  6. Press the button to initiate a 20-minute cycle. During this time, six UV LEDs and a fan will activate, drying your snus and eliminating any bacteria with UV light.
  7. On the front of AIRLY, there are four LEDs that indicate the progress of the cycle. These LEDs blink and every fifth minute, one by one of the lights stops blinking and remains steady, indicating that an additional five minutes have passed.
  8. After 20 minutes, a beep will sound, indicating that the cycle is complete. The fan and UV LEDs will automatically turn off.
  9. You can pause the cycle at any time by opening the lid, which stops the fan and UV LEDs. When you close the lid, the cycle resumes from where it left off.
  10. To cancel an ongoing cycle, simply press the button while a cycle is active.

Remember that everyone is different and different brands of pouches will vary in result and needed cycle time.